Guaranteed Quality

in Plastic Body parts

Quality is our differential. We work daily to provide a final product that meets our customer's expectative.
Retov is guaranteed quality.


Global Presence.

We export to the world. Our products are commercialized in over 40 countries in all the continents through our extensive distributor's network.
We take part of the main international trade fairs.


Innovation &

Product development

We constantly develop new parts both for the national and international market. Our focus is on the customer and that is why we produce high quality and attractive products to help them consolidate their positions in the aftermarket.

Retov About

We're a family business, founded in 1958 in Argentina. We have a sound experience in the plastic auto body parts industry. More...

Welcome to Retov . Quality in auto body parts.

At Retov we develop and produce plastic auto body parts for the aftermarket. You'll find our products in many parts of the world thanks to our extensive distributor's network

Latest releases

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